Hi Miners! We got our hands on TUL's latest backplate. Excited to present this quick review 😁

What we have here is TUL's backplate prototype. This backplate is designed to dissipate more heat from the components on the back side of the FPGA mining board, especially the LTC3384. This explains why the design is similar to a heatsink. It is also compatible with VCU-1525,  BCU-1525 and BTU9P.

Last week, we installed TUL's new backplate on our BTU9P mining board and did a little test with DC's ZenProtocol and Whitefire's 0xToken.

Note: We ran this test in room temperature 25C  and with an additional fan (110CFM).

Here's our FPGA Mining Card test result:

👾 Digital Cruncher's ZenProtocol

Number of Cores Vcc Hashrate LTC Temperature
20 0.8V 13 GH/s 84C
21 0.8V 13.65 GH/s 88C
22 0.8V 14.3 GH/s 92C
23 0.8V 14.95 GH/s 97C

Our BTU9P can run DC's ZenProtocol full speed for more than 2 days!

🔥 Whitefire's 0xToken

Variable Bitstream

Frequency Vcc Hashrate Error rate LTC Temperature
730Mhz 0.75V 15.6 GH/s 0.2% 85C
750Mhz 0.75V 16.5 GH/s 0.65% 90C
770Mhz 0.75V 16.7 GH/s 1.9% 92C
790Mhz 0.75V 17 GH/s 7.3% 95C

17GH/s Bitstream

Vcc Hashrate Error rate LTC Temperature
0.75V 17 GH/s 4.5% 91C

Our BTU9P can run Whitefire's 0xToken 17GH/s bitstream with this new backplate!