Hey Miners 👷🏻‍♂️⛏ We have a special sneak peek of a new Active Air-cooled Heatsink being developed by TUL.  It's currently still in development as part of an all-in-one Air-cooled Solution, the final specs and results are still being measured.  

But if you are looking for an alternative to Water Cooling, this new air cooling by TUL could be the answer.

TUL New Heatsink!

What's amazing about this heatsink?

This TUL heatsink is different from the SQRL stock heatsink. TUL's heatsink uses four heat pipes used to carry heat away from core components.  It provides a good circulation as it transports the heat from the chip and spreads it onto the heatsink fins better.

And the material matters too!  Thermal conductivity dictates the efficiency of heat dissipation.  Copper has the best thermal conductivity compared to typical stock Aluminum heat sinks, 401W/mK at 25C versus Aluminum's thermal conductivity of 205W/mK at 25C.

With just a simple fan and no supporting chassis, this heatsink has already let a BTU9P run Whitefire🔥's 0xToken at 700Mhz hitting a hashrate of 15.5GH/s!  

You can take a look at the alpha test for yourself here:

Bitstream WF🔥 0xToken
Frequency 700Mhz
Hashrate 15.5GH/s
Voltage 0.75V
Error Shares 0%
Core Temperature 85-88C

As you can see there, using delta fan the temperature is around 85-88oC. It's not a safe operating temperature, but there are still a lot of improvements that are in the works. In a quick test, TUL focused the airflow into two BTU9P's with these heatsinks and the temperature dropped to around 70oC!

With just a rudimentary shell, the temperature went over 15oC lower. There are still more optimizations in the pipeline, we will report as soon as we have news.

Testing with Focused Airflow

TUL's new heatsink is a must-have component for your air-cooling solution. It is compatible with BTU9P, the BCU1525, and any VCU1525s. This new heatsink is still in the testing phase, so not yet sold by TUL, but anyone interested in pre-orders for the first batch can reach out.

Interested? Pre-Order at hello@fpga.guide

Kudos to TUL! Thank you for consistently developing for the FPGA mining community!🥂