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5 Important Updates FPGA Miners Should Know About

1. FPGA Mining Hardware Announcements

The recent group-buy for Huawei F100 has been cancelled since they didn't reach the minimum quantity of 1,000 pieces.

Discord announcement from the group-buy organizer

SQRL has announced that Acorns and Nests will start shipping this week. After multiple delays, this update is quite exciting.

Announcement from SQRL regarding Acorns & Nests

2. FPGA Minor Boards

In the FPGA community, most people know only of major boards, like the BCU-1525, the CVP-13, and the BTU9P. However, a handful of smaller manufacturers have started building and selling their own. Below are five minor FPGA Mining boards relevant to FPGA mining:

  • Cairnsmore5 (by Enterpoint)
  • TPS-1525 (by TalentPros)
  • MA-X1 (by Krunchlabs)
  • FM-1L & FM-1HBM (by TrustFarm)
  • F1 (by Blackminer)

You can read more about their availability, prices, specifications and pictures here.

3. New Bitstreams

This bitstream is available for VCU1525, BCU1525, BTU9P, TPS-1525, and CVP-13.

Upcoming Bitstreams:

  • MA-X1
    1. Nexus
    2. OxToken
  • BCU-1525, VCU-1525, BTU9P, TPS-1525
    1. Nexus (2.1 GH/s, 2.4 GH/s, 2.7 GH/s)
  • XUPVV4-VU9
    1. Nexus

4. Water Block

Currently, there are two manufacturers of water blocks: TUL and Dimastech. We know they use different materials, but we haven't compared their performance. Right now, the two popular water blocks on the market are:

Read more about them and other components needed for installing your water cooling system here.

5. FPGA Mining SCAM

We have updated our list of scam section with newly reported scams. If you want to report any scams please contact us at hello@fpga.guide

Happy mining folks!


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