FPGA.guide has recently connected with NextDesignSolutions, a group of top developers working on providing FPGA Mining Card software services aiding in the deployment, monitoring, and management of FPGA miners in addition to bitstream development.


Michael and Alex are both the developers behind NextDesignSolutions. You can find them on discord under their usernames @mrbase and @turekaj respectively.

Current Project

NextDesignSolutions recently released a new tool called NextJTAG. This tool allows you to load bitstreams in parallel, monitor temperature, read/write SYSMON registers and extract Device DNA over USB JTAG without Vivado. NextJTAG is currently supported on Linux and Windows. It is compatible with VU9P-based FPGAs (such as VCU1525, BCU1525 and BTU9P). This tool is extremely easy to use and will be helpful for users who want to skip the hassle of using Vivado.

To gain access to all features, a license must be purchased. You can purchase their license here.

NextJTAG Features

Query Device DNAs from all attached devices (no license required):

$ nextjtag
List of available devices:
  0: Xilinx VCU1525 Dev Kit (DNA = 400200000117ab282d410505)

Read the temperature from device 0:

$ nextjtag -d0 -t
[2018-11-12 03:32:50] Device 0: Temperature: 43.5624°C (min), 58.4837°C (current), 71.4155°C (max)

Program bitstream into all FPGAs in parallel (only takes 45 seconds on Tribus bitstream!):

$ nextjtag -a -m -b vcu1525_keccak_21_600.bit
[2018-11-11 21:38:34] Device 0: Programming bitstream: STARTING...
[2018-11-11 21:38:34] Device 1: Programming bitstream: STARTING...
[2018-11-11 21:38:34] Device 2: Programming bitstream: STARTING...
[2018-11-11 21:38:34] Device 3: Programming bitstream: STARTING...
[2018-11-11 21:39:21] Device 1: Programming bitstream: SUCCESS
[2018-11-11 21:39:21] Device 0: Programming bitstream: SUCCESS
[2018-11-11 21:39:21] Device 2: Programming bitstream: SUCCESS
[2018-11-11 21:39:22] Device 3: Programming bitstream: SUCCESS

Discord: https://discord.gg/9tsBNyP

Github: https://github.com/NextDesignSolutions

Buy License: http://bit.ly/2OUT0lC