We, the FPGA.guide Team, want to wish all of you 🎊 Happy New Year 2019 🎊

There has been a few updates in the FPGA community over the holidays and we're here to share them with you.

Whitefire releases Variable Speed Bitstreams

Great news! Whitefire has released two new variable speed bitstreams for these two algorithms:

How does a new variable bitstream compare to a normal bitstream?

It has a dynamic clock speed, which means you can tweak your miner's clock speed to optimize your hash rate. This new bitstream also allows your device's shut-down speed to decrease gradually, instead of an abrupt shut down (like in normal bitstreams). This shutdown is safer for your FPGA devices.

USB Mining Script by @hashm1n3r

Hashm1n3r has released a python script that allows you to detect all FPGA boards when you plug in more than 4 or 5 boards in 1 PC. This is useful for running Whitefire's bitstreams because his bitstreams communicate through USB.

Usually what happens is you have to unplug and replug the USB device of the undetected board. This USB Mining script will launch Windows CLI program that needs access to USB ports for Xilinx 1525 FPGA cards. The script will get a list of FPGA cards, lock them out by opening the corresponding COM port, and release the ports one by one while running Window CLI instances that talk to the FPGA cards.

MA-X1 Available for Pre-Order

Krunch Labs' FPGA board, MA-X1, is currently available for pre-order. To purchase one, you can talk to their sales representative.