Hey miners! We received a ton of messages and inquiries regarding the Hosting and Financing details of the Imperium V1& Imperium V2 by MONAD.  We have compiled all you need to know into this article 😎

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Hosting service offered by MONAD

1. Full control for your miner without worrying about facility issues.

2. Hardware monitoring and maintenance by our technical team.

3. Safe facility in Taiwan. There won't be significant downtime on your miners.

4. Friendly payment flow, automatically deduct electricity cost every month from your balance.

Hosting fee calculation

The hosting fee includes electricity cost and a $20/month operation cost. We calculate electricity cost according to actual expense on electricity bill charged by the Taiwan government, which rule is $0.09 kW/h.

Hosting Payment Flow

1. In the beginning, customers will need to top up $80* to their balance for their miner to start. We will deduct the hosting fee(electricity cost and operation cost) from the customer's balance at the end of the month.

2. In the following months, customers will need to do top-up on the 1st of every month and make sure their balance has a minimum of $80. The payment needs to be done within 3 days, or the mining rig will be turned off.

3. At the end of each month, we will deduct the hosting fee from the customer's balance. Customers can withdraw the remaining balance amount when they end the hosting service.

*The reason the initial balance has to be a minimum of $80 is calculated by the example power consumption if users mine CKB, which cost 750w per hour.
Electricity cost = (750/1000) * 24hours * $0.09 * 30 = $48.6
Operation cost = $20
Total is $68.6,
We want to keep their balance to $80 to make sure their mining won't stop.

Financed & Hosted

For customers who choose financed & hosted, the hosting service rules are entirely the same as the hosted option above, the only different thing is the initial payment amount of hardware. Financed & Hosted customers will pay 50% downpayment and pay the rest over the course of five installments. The installment will be charged on the 1st of each month. Thus starting from the next month after the mining start, the customer will need to top up the hosting fee plus their monthly installment. After the miner has been fully paid off, their order will be converted to a normal hosted order.

Here's how the maths look like:

Miner Downpayment Monthly Installment
Imperium V1 $849 $170
Imperium V2 $1250 $250

Let's take a look at an example:

For users who purchase Imperium V2 financed & hosted on 1/10, then this will be the activity record.

[1/10] User "top-up" $80 and start mining

[1/31] MONAD deducts January hosting fee from the balance

[2/1] User top up $80+$250 for the second month, hosting fees and installment

[2/29] MONAD deduct February hosting fee from the balance


[6/1] User top up $80+$250, the miner has been fully paid off

[7/1] User only need to top up $80 for hosting fee

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For detailed TOS, please visit Monad Technologies