Hey Miners 👷‍♀️👷‍♂️ We are back with a monthly update of the FPGA Community this month!

⚫️ Blackminer F1/F1+ Releases New Bitstreams

HashAltCoin, the company behind the Blackminer F1/F1+, are on the roll with their bitstream releases this month.

New Bitstreams:

Bitstream F1 Hashrate F1+ Hashrate
BCD 178MH/s 278MH/s
Verus 2.0 272MH/s 411MH/s
Algo5 55MH/s 90MH/s
Algo6 73MH/s 114MH/s

This month, the HashAltCoin team released a total of 4 bitstreams. They are BCD, Verus 2.0, and two secret algorithms; Algo5 and Algo6 😉

Upgraded Bitstream:

Bitstream F1 Hashrate F1+ Hashrate
Xdag 14.7GH/s 27GH/s
Lyra2rev3 240MH/s 360MH/S

On top of the releases, they also upgraded their own Xdag bitstream and Lyra2rev3 bitstream this month. Impressive work 😍

🔥Whitefire990's RB3 Bitstream Released

Announcement from Whitefire990

Another good news for registered Zetheron users, as a beta-version of RB3 has been released. If you haven't already, you will need to register your board by emailing Zetheron directly 📨

⛏Allmine's Releases New Bitstreams

The Shell has two new bitstreams, BCD and keccak. Update to the latest minerator to access these bitstreams.

Before you start, please read what senseless said on how to get BCD to startup correctly:

How to get BCD to startup correctly

Allmine also mentioned that 0xToken and ZenProtocol will be released SOON TM

🏎Ruplikmastik666's New Funnels

Ruplikmastik666's new funnels are now available! These funnels will focus the airflow into the critical components like the FPGA chip and power regulator. Currently, there are two models: RT-AM1 (single fan) and RT-AM2 (dual fan).

RT-AM2 (vertical)

You can also add the fans and TUL's new backplate to your purchase. Will soon be available in FPGA.guide Shop 🛒

To Pre-Order, contact us at <support@fpga.guide>

🏎Ruplikmastik666's Immersion Cooling System

Ruplikmastik666 also sells another cooling option, RT-ICS! This immersion cooling system lets you submerge your FPGA boards inside a tank full of oil🛢!


This system can fit 1-12 boards, and ruplikmastik666 can customize them based on your needs. Will soon be available in FPGA.guide Shop 🛒

To Pre-Order, contact us at <support@fpga.guide>