FPGA Guide has listed available FPGA Mining boards in the market and has summed it up in an easy-to-read comparison table. Here you will find a full analysis of our Top ROI miner profitability feature and get recommendations for your next FPGA Mining Board investment.

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Comparison Table* - FPGA Mining Boards


  • (US price per May 2019) : $0.1332 (13.32 cents)
  • Usage: 24 hour/day
  • Functioning at the highest power


  • Electricity Cost: [(Power x 24 Hour)/1000] x (electricity cost)
  • ROI Time: Price/(Average yield/day - Electricity cost/day)]

ROI Analysis*
Blackminer F1 Mini Yield Record
July 11 - August 19, 2019

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Since July 2019, F1 Mini has shown a quite fluctuated performance. The average revenue is $0.6 per day and reached the highest point at $1.08 by mining Digibyte. It performed best during the last week of July. However, the average income of the board is merely reaching $1.0. From July 11 to August 19, the most profitable coin was changing between those 7 coins (see chart), with algo6 as the dominant one. Algo6 was mined for 7 out of 27 days, as it’s the most profitable coin on those days. It would require a bit of work for setting up the wallet and exchanges for 7 different coins.

Blackminer F1 Mini is a popular choice for a miner who wants to start FPGA mining as it is easy to use. A lot of review for it is available in the community. You can read Blackminer F1 Mini Review and Spotlight by FPGA Guide to get more in-depth knowledge about the board. We also have a practical guide to start mining with F1 Mini as a reference.

Blackminer F1+ Mini Yield Record
July 11 - August 19, 2019

Blackminer F1+

Based on the last 30 days data, Blackminer F1+ keep its position as the board with the fastest payback time with 345 days. The board also reach the highest average yield per day among all boards at $10.58 and reach a peak at $19.62 mining Digibyte. The number of mined coins is the same, as the F1 series except for F1 Mini is similar in miner profitability. Algo6 was the dominant one and mined for 7 times out of 27 days, as it’s the most profitable coin on those days. Mining seven different coins require a bit of work to set up the wallet and exchanges.

This board is currently one of the hottest products in the market because it has the fastest payback time. This board has a lot of algorithm options with 26 available algorithms. Referring to the data; it is a worth-investing product. A practical guide to mine with Blackminer F1+ is available by FPGA Guide as a reference.

Blackminer F1 Yield Record
July 11 - August, 2019

Blackminer F1

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Among 3 F1 Series, Blackminer F1’s performance is in the middle between the other two as F1 is using 12 K7 chips compared to one chip for F1 Mini and 18 chips for F1+. The average gain per day is $6.82 and touch the highest point around the last week of July at $13.82 mining Digibyte as well. The number of mined coins is also the same, as the F1 series is similar in miner profitability. Algo6 was also the dominant one.

The board can be one of the alternatives if you are looking for a cheaper option of the Blackminer F1+. However, the current status of this board is out of stock. Keep updated with FPGA Guide for the news of this board’s restock and the blackminer F1 price. We have reviewed this board before and also here’s a practical guide to start mining with Blackminer F1.

BTU9P Yield Record
July 11 - August 19, 2019

Since the last 30 days, BTU9P has the most stable yield among all five boards in the TOP ROI chart of FPGA Guide. The average yield came at $3.63 and reached the peak at $5.88 mining Veriblock. The total coins mined during the period is 5 coins which require less effort than other boards which need to change coins more. BTU9P was mining 0xBTC most of the time, with 14 days out of 27 days.

Even though it has stable performance, the average yield of this board is lower than Blackminer’s board. However, it still has its competitive advantage over the previous three F1 series from HashAltCoin. This board is equipped with VU9P chip supported by a lot of bitstream developers like zetheron, dedmaroz, and ruplikmastik, hence we can expect a lot more coin to mine with this board in the future.
You can dive over an in-depth review of BTU9P from FPGA Guide to enrich your understanding about the board. Once you decide to invest in this board, we also provide the practical mining guide for this board using several

BCU 1525 Yield Record
July 11 - August 19, 2019

BCU 1525

BCU1525 performs quite stable except the sudden spike because suddenly Zen Protocol became profitable; this was also becoming the peak gain at $8.96. Meanwhile, the average revenue of this board is slightly higher than BTU9P at $4.09 per day, with a total of 7 coins mined.

BCU1525 is equipped with VU9P chip as well as BTU9P. It is able to mine the X16Rv2 or known as the fork version of Ravencoin The only difference is the encryption key that’s burned into the device. This key gives the owner the ability to use proprietary mining software offered by SQRL and mining software developers from Allmine, which provides you with a slight advantage over BTU9P. But you need to switch between Windows and Linux since the software from Allmine only works in Linux. You can buy a BCU1525 here and get the practical guide for the Windows Setup, then mine it using Minerator, Whitefire and Dedmaroz’s bitstream.


Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware

Based on the analysis, each FPGA mining card and mining rig has its advantages over each other. Seen from the payback time, the Blackminer F1 Series seems to outperform other boards from different manufacturers. Meanwhile, if we see from various aspects like a cryptocurrency algorithm that can be mined using each board, BCU1525, BTU9P, and CVP-13 will have their advantages over F1 Series since it can mine the X16 algorithm family. That algorithm contains some coins with significant volume and market capital.

Miner Profitability - best mining card

For and investing recommendation, The F1+ is currently having the fastest ROI making it a worthy cryptocurrency investment. However, if you begin to mine with FPGA, then F1 Mini will be the most recommended one due to its affordability and convenience. All boards mined around 5 to 7 coins to keep being profitable. Each coin might require several different wallet and exchange setups. Hence, it should be one of the considerations.

Cryptocurrency Mining Strategy

However, in the end, the FPGA miner strategy depends on you because it might be inconvenient to follow the most profitable coin every day. You can change the coin that you mine every day, every week, or even every month. You can also decide which one is worth mining for you. Because sometimes the most profitable coin is a coin with low volume and low market capital. The market cap and volume of a coin should be considered as well. For example, DGB on BTU9P may have a slower ROI, but DGB is a far less sketchy coin to mine than VEO.

The data is from July 11th - August 29th. There might be change in product price that could affect the fastest miner payback period.

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