Hey there miner!  FPGA.guide has an exclusive sneak peak on Monad Technologies latest machines, the Imperium R2 and R1.

It looks like this Taiwanese company was not effected by the Corona Virus and is releasing the next iteration of the Imperium!  Not even a pandemic can't stop crypto 🚀.  Imperium R1 and R2 machines will ship in only 28 days and are currently available for pre-order.

The Imperium R-Series is the top price-to-performance machine mining major coins like Handshake (HNS) and Nervos (CKB).  Please see the machine specs and analysis below, or head to MONAD's discord server.  

Handshake Opportunity

Handshake is a newly released protocol backed by major investors with a reputable team aiming to replace the existing DNS and Certificate Authority infrastructure. This is a huge undertaking that could potentially replace giant names like Domain.com, GoDaddy, Namecheap, Symantec, and Digicert.  There is still a lot of uncertainty and speculation about it's price movements.

Exchanges - HNS is listed on both Gate IO and Namebase with over $360,000 USD of daily trading volume.  Very liquid compared to most FPGA altcoins.

Prices - Dropped from a $0.96 high to a $0.16 low with OTC buyers trading in volume at $0.20

Existing Bitstreams - Both ruplikmastik666 and stark0224 have released HNS bitstreams for Gen-1 cards like BCU / BTU / CVP, which is probably the cause of recent network hashrate growth to 16TH/s

Even after Gen-1 owners already have access, profitability is still high with plenty of room for more FPGAs on the network.  

Imperium R2 - CKB and HNS specifications.

Handshake (HNS) Nervos (CKB)
Hashrate 7.2 GH/s 32 GH/s
Power 1050W 1350W
Revenue / Day $20-$40 USD* $10 USD

HNS is very volatile and profitability has fluctuated up and down over the last week.

Imperium R2 - HNS profitability on Feb 20, 2020.

Based on the above information, even after Gen-1 owners already have access, profitability is still high with room for more FPGAs.  It would require the network difficulty to grow to 48 TH/s in order to drop Imperium R2 HNS profitability to $10 USD a day. For perspective 48 TH/s is 17,000x VU9Ps mining HNS assuming 2.8 GH/s each VU9P card.  

Bitstreams and Performance

Imperium R-Series is open for 3rd party bitstreams developers much like it's predecessor the V-Series.  Currently the Imperium R2 is the best cost-performance miner available.  

MONAD calculated hashrate estimates using LUTs, Registers, and performance from similar miners like F1+ and Ultra

Below is a short summary of the bitstreams available at launch, and those currently on the roadmap.  Important note, bitstream roadmaps are subject to change with market fluctuations. We've already seen MONAD prioritize more profitable bitstreams like NXS over previously algorithms like K12 and ODO on their roadmap.  

This strategy makes sense as only the top 2 or 3 most profitable bitstreams are used.  Despite dozens of bitstreams being available for Blackminers and VU9P boards, no one uses them which is a waste of engineering time.

Algorithm Coins Hashrate Power Author Date
Eaglesong Nervos 32 GH/s 1350W MONAD Ready
Blake+SHA Handshake 7.2 GH/s 890W stark0224🐺 Ready
NXS Nexus 4.1 GH/s 930W MONAD 3/1
BSHA3 BSHA3 17.3 GH/s 1300W MONAD 3/15


  • ⚖️ Top Cost-Performance.  The Imperium R2 has the best price-to-performance ratio for all available hardware.  This determines a miner's ROI.
  • 🤝 50% Down Financing.  MONAD lets miners leverage future earnings to pay for machines, get a full miner with only 50% down payment.
  • 👨‍💻 3rd Party Developer Support.  whitefire990🔥 and stark0224🐺 both support the Imperium and is open to all future 3rd party developers.  MONAD will also continue to build 1st party bitstreams for the Imperium line.
  • ⏩ Fast Bitstream Re-Config. It only takes 10 seconds to reprogram all 18x FPGAs, making it significantly easier for users to switch bitstreams.
  • 💰 Shortest ROI Time.  Mining at $10-$20/day with a launch promo price, the Imperium R2 currently has the shortest ROI on the market.
  • 🔧 1 Year Warranty.  MONAD offers and honors it's 1-year warranty with all Imperium miners, just ask existing Imperium customers. Contact MONAD for detailed TOC.
  • 🎁 Not "From the Farm".  The R-Series machines are fresh off the production line and not a used machine pulled from a farm.


  • 4️⃣ Only 4 Algorithm Currently Available. Imperium R2 is launching with 2 of the top-grossing bitstreams (HNS and CKB). Future bitstream releases are in progress.
  • ♻️ 2nd-hand + refurbished FPGAs.  Similar to companies like SQRL and HashAltcoin, MONAD has struggled to work with Xilinx and are using FPGAs sourced from our Taiwanese Distributor.  These chips are a mix of 2nd hand surplus and recycled datacenter FPGAs, both are tested extensively. All chips in MONAD machines are covered by a 1-year warranty.

📌 For Detailed TOS, please visit: MONAD Technologies