Hey Miners!  Excited to finally publish this in-depth analysis of the ECU200 FPGA mining board made by our friends 🦅Osprey Mining in San Fransisco. Without further ado, let's get started!

Introduction to ECU 200 Mining Card

Another VU9P board incoming! The ECU200 board is made by Osprey Mining. Actually, this board has been around since October 2018 in the FPGA crypto mining market.

So, what's the difference between ECU200, VCU1525, BCU1525, and BTU9P?

They are all based on the same Xilinx VU9P FPGA technology. ECU200 and BCU1525 are based on Xilinx XBB1525 design, so both of them are very similar. Unlike BCU1525, ECU200 doesn't have an efuse. But, ECU200 has a cooler LTC3884 than BTU9P, so it can run some bitstreams at a higher speed. Basically, ECU200 is very similar to BCU1525.

Cryptocurrency Mining and Profitability

We ran a few tests with ECU200 and compared it with BCU1525 and BTU9P, setting the three of them in a parallel water cooling system. For 🔥Whitefire's bitstream, we set a 2% error threshold, so if it goes beyond that we will not increase the frequency further.

Board Developer Algorithm Hashrate Vcc Temp Freq
ECU200 👾Digital Cruncher ZenProtocol 15 GH/s 0.8V 43C -
🔥Whitefire990 RB2 590 MH/s 0.8V 43C 610Mhz
BCU1525 👾Digital Cruncher ZenProtocol 15 GH/s 0.8V 47C -
🔥Whitefire990 RB2 597 MH/s 0.8V 42C 610Mhz
BTU9P 👾Digital Cruncher ZenProtocol 15 GH/s 0.8V 46C -
🔥Whitefire990 RB2 578 MH/s 0.8V 44C 600Mhz


  • 🌎 Ships Immediately Worldwide (In Stock)
  • 👌 Compatible with all BCU1525/ VCU1525 Bitstreams
  • 🦍 Large Powerful VU9P Chip that can fit complex algorithms
  • ️💧 Includes TUL Water Block
  • 🛠 Three Months Warranty


  • 💰 More Expensive than BCU1525. BCU1525 is $149 cheaper than ECU200.
  • 💸 Currently only makes around $2-3/day
  • ⚡️ Changing Voltage Using DC1613A (To be confirmed with Osprey)
  • 🐏 No RAMs. (only if you think it's important....)
FPGA Guide

Your Guide to FPGA Mining

Company Background

Osprey Mining🦅

Osprey Mining 🦅 is a silicon valley based blockchain technology company, focusing on crypto mining hardware research and production. They are based in San Fransisco and Taiwan.

Osprey released their first mining product in Oct 2018 based on Xilinx FGPA technology.

In addition to producing mining hardware, Osprey Mining offers hash computer power and mining accessories for global crypto miners.

Website: ospreymining.io  
Office: +1 (510)730-0488
111 Deerwood Road, Suite 200
San Ramon, CA, 94568, USA​

You can also find them on discord under the nicknames: FlyingTiger#6931, FlyingDragon#2289, flyinghorse#4283, and Osprey Shrek#0777.