Hey Miners! Huge thanks to TUL, we are one of the first lucky miners who get to try their new BTU9P PRO! I'm sure we all have one question in mind: How good is this new mining board?


After releasing BTU9P last year, TUL kept on innovating and trying to improve the BTU9P they made. While observing the VU9P boards for more than a year, TUL found out that they can make a better FPGA board for mining by fixing these two common issues: LTC temperature and power limit.

TUL upgraded the BTU9P to make it able to run more stably at high-speed, high-power settings.

Mining and Profitability

BTU9P PRO is compatible with any VU9P bitstreams from Whitefire, Dedmaroz, and Ruplikmastik. Here's the list of available bitstreams for this board:

Algorithm Coins Developer Hashrate
0xToken 0xBitcoin Zetheron🔥 18 GH/s
Nexushash Nexus Zetheron🔥 1.7 GH/s
Dmd-groestl (private) Groestlcoin, Microbitcoin Zetheron🔥 1.1 GH/s
Skunk (private) HDAC Zetheron🔥 600 MH/s
X13 (private) Bitcoin Diamond Zetheron🔥 150 MH/s
Vblake (private) Veriblock Zetheron🔥 9 GH/s
SHA256m Amoveo Dedmaroz🎅🏻 25 GH/s
Odocrypt Digibyte Ruplikmastik🏎 2.55 GH/s
Honeycomb Beenode Ruplikmastik🏎 640 MH/s

This board can easily reach the max hashrate with the correct setup. We tested using Whitefire's bitstreams, and here are the results:

Developer Coin Hashrate Power Vcc Temp
🔥Whitefire990 0xBitcoin 18.3 GH/s 485W 0.85V 44C
Nexus 1.83 GH/s 390W 0.92V 45C
Hdac 639 MH/s 380W 0.92V 46C

Here's the performance compared with BTU9P (Tested under the same environment and water cooling setup):

As you can see from the table above, for 0xBitcoin, BTU9P PRO is able to run with a faster clock frequency. For Nexus, both reached the maximum frequency but BTU9P PRO can run with lower power consumption.

BTU9P is pushed above its limit to reach that number, with the AUX 8-pin power cable become super hot, which can cause the cable to burn. But BTU9P PRO don't have that issue, since it's drawing power from two AUX 8-pin power cables.

With BTU9P PRO, you can easily reach this number with the standard water-cooling system because BTU9P PRO is using 6 Texas Instrument power regulators that can process 75W each. The Bitspower waterblock cools them on the front of the PCB, which solves the LTC overheating problem and enables the board to pull more current.

The BTU9P PRO does not have the Allmine.co efuse key, meaning it cannot run Allmine's bitstream. However, it's burned with efuse key to support Whitefire's future bitstreams! Note: Burning efuse key is an irreversible process, it can only be done one time.

BTU9P PRO is the most powerful VU9P board now - in terms of Reliability and Performance.

TUL only have a few units of BTU9P PRO left - it's super limited! If you're interested in purchasing one, you can buy it in our shop!

Exclusive 🎁 for our readers, you will get a free TI tool to modify voltage and monitor the crucial metrics when purchasing on our shop.


  • 👌 Compatible with BCU / VCU Bitstreams - Currently, there are nine available algorithms for this board. From the developers such as Whitefire, Dedmaroz, and Ruplikmastik.
  • 🦍 Large Powerful VU9P Chip - Can fit complex algorithms.
  • 🔋 Upgraded Power Regulators - Replaced LTC with Texas Instruments Power Regulator. Placed on the front PCB, so the waterblock cools it. It can safely work up to 382A. (BCU1525 is limited to 255A)
  • ❄️ Complete Cooling System - Comes with Bitspower's all-copper waterblock to cool the FPGA chip and TI power regulator, and TUL Backplate to cool the whole PCB.
  • 🐎 Runs at Maximum Speed - The upgraded power regulator and a better cooling system help this board to run at maximum speed easily.
  • 🌎 Ships Worldwide - Shipping from Taiwan.
  • 🔧 6 Months Warranty - TUL has been proven with repairing VU9P boards.


  • 💸 Long ROI - Currently, this board can only make $2-3/day.
  • ⚡️ No NextJTAG support - Need to purchase Texas Instruments tool or bitstream with a voltage controller to change the Core Voltage (VCC), which results in spending more money. However, you can get this tool for free if you purchase this board using our coupon.
  • ❌ TUL does not develop bitstreams nor software updates.
FPGA Guide

Your Guide to FPGA Mining

Hardware Specification

• Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ VU9P
• 4 - 16GB DDR4 DIMMs
Power & Thermal
• Water-cooling – pure copper waterblock with acrylic cover, standard G 1/4 threads made by Bitspower
• Passive aluminum backplate with heat pipe
• 2 pcs 150W AUX connectors (8pin, both need to be connected)
• No power required from the PCIe slot
• 350A power supply for FPGA core
• FPGA Configuration via JTAG through Micro USB Port
• QSPI Configuration flash memory
Communication & Networking
• Two QSFP28 100G Interfaces
• PCIe Gen3 x16 via Edge Connector

Company Background

TUL Corporation has established since 1997 in Taipei, Taiwan. TUL has dedicated its brand and services in offering the ultimate total-solution of technologies, making them one of the world’s fastest-growing marketing and services companies in the IT industry. Using PowerColor as a representation of the leading supplier for graphics cards, powered by AMD’s graphics processors, successfully becomes the top 3 brands of graphics cards. Except for graphics cards, TUL is devoted to being the primary provider to embedded graphics cards, SoC mainboards and systems, FPGA products, thunderbolt adopters, and customized products and services.

After TUL's successful FPGA mining board BTU9P, they keep improving that FPGA mining board. They launched a new product, the BTU9P PRO.

TUL's Products

• Graphics Cards
• Embedded Graphics Cards
• SoC based Mainboards and Systems (x86 & RISC)
• FPGA Products
• Thunderbolt Adopters
• Customized Products and Services