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A few months ago, HashAltcoin◼️ launched a new FPGA mining board called Blackminer F1 Mini. This product draws much attention of the crypto miners out there. So far, they've already sold more than 400 units of F1 Mini (Batch 1: 300 units and Batch 2: 100 units).
It's using the same chip with Blackminer F1/F1+, the K7 chip. The only difference is that F1 Mini contains a single K7 chip rather than 12 K7 chips (F1) or 18 K7 chips (F1+).

Blackminer F1 Mini

Mining and Profitability

Since F1 Mini only contains a single K7 chip, F1 Mini's profitability is roughly 1/12 of F1's or 1/18 of F1+'s.

Here are some of the available algorithms for Blackminer F1 Mini from HashAltcoin◼️:

Algorithm Coins Hashrate Power
Lyra2z GTM,ZCR,IFX 5.1 MH/s 50 W
Skein DGB 420 MH/s 50 W
Lyra2rev3 VTC 20 MH/s 50 W
phi1612 FLM,FNO 26 MH/s 50 W
tribus DNR,SCRIV 244 MH/s 50 W
nexus NXS 210 MH/s 50 W
xdag XDAG 1.5 GH/s 50 W
bcx BCX 1.44 GH/s 50 W
keccak/keccakc SMART,MAX 2.18 GH/s 50 W
0xToken 0xBTC 1.95 GH/s 50 W
Sha3 ZP 1.96 GH/s 50 W
Verus2 VRSC 22.8 MH/s 50 W
dmd-gr GRS 131.7 MH/s 50 W
Amoveo VEO 4.59 GH/s 50 W
Bitcoin Diamond BCD 15.4 MH/s 50 W
Vblake VBK 1 GH/s 50 W
Algo4 - 66.7 MH/s 50 W
Lyra2zz LAX 4.89 MH/s 50 W
Algo6 - 7.29 MH/s 50 W
Algo7 - 2.04 GH/s 50 W
Algo8 - 12.67 MH/s 50 W
Algo10 - 31.44 MH/s 50 W
odocrypt DGB 260 MH/s 40 W
blockstamp BST 1.5 GH/s 50 W
bmw512 XDN 700 MH/s 30 W
c11 CHC 10 MH/s 50 W

** F1 Mini Hashrate & Power = 1/18 F1+ Hashrate & Power

We're able to test with our own Blackminer F1 Mini. After installing a CPU Cooler on it, we plug everything and start mining some coins. Here's our test result:

Algo4 Amoveo Verus
Hashrate 66 MH/s 4.03 GH/s 22.7 MH/s
Power 43 W 45 W 20 W
Temperature 33oC 39oC 39oC
Revenue $0.215/day* $0.57/day** $0.38/day**

* based on the amount of coins mined and per May 22nd, 2019
** based on hashrate and per May 23rd, 2019

The results of our mining performance are pretty similar to the official mining performance data from HashAltcoin.

If you are interested, you can read more details on our test results here.


  • 🤑 Cheap. Priced at $179/unit (buy 5 or more and get $169 each). It's one of the most affordable FPGA in the market. Low entrance price to FPGA mining.
  • 👨‍💻 Team of Bitstream Developers. They have their team of developers continually looking for coins worth mining. Currently, they have the most bitstreams available, over any other board.
  • ✅ Easy to Use. You'll need PSU, heatsink+fan, and ethernet cable. Just access your F1 Mini IP address and set it all up from there.
  • ⚡️ Low Power Consumption. Only draws 50 Watts max.
  • 👂🏻 Meant for Silent Operation. You can use a silent CPU cooler to cool F1 Mini.


  • 💨 No Heatsink and Fan. F1 Mini doesn't come with the heatsink and fan. It takes some time and effort to find the right heatsink and fan for this board. We use this CPU Cooler.
  • No SDK or community support.  F1 Mini is a closed platform and only HashAltcoin can make bitstreams for these boards.

Hardware Review

Blackminer F1 Mini Specification

Chip: a Kintex 7 325T chip
Core Voltage: 1V
Max Load: up to 50A
Power consumption: 40-60W
Cooling: Air cooling (but not included)
Power slot: 6-pin Power slot

FPGA Guide

Your Guide to FPGA Mining

Test Result Screenshots

Algo4 Hashrate Miner Side. 66MH/s (24 Hours Average)
Algo4 Hashrate Pool Side. (24 Hours Average)
Amoveo Hashrate Miner Side. 4.028 GH/s (6.5 Hours Average)
Amoveo Hashrate Pool Side. 4.28 GH/s (6 Hours Average)
Verus Hashrate Miner Side. 22.7 MH/s (7 Hours Average)
Verus Hashrate Pool Side. 25.64 MH/s (4 Hours Average)