We wanted to send a big round of thanks to the community for the ongoing support. Whenever we see someone share this FPGA guide, or up-votes us, it makes it all worthwhile.  Every little bit makes a big difference.

FPGA's are making an exciting comeback 🚀 in cryptocurrency mining, like many of you we believe in it's future in securing blockchain protocols against attackers and ASICs alike, and are here to support and grow this ecosystem.

You're on the bleeding edge of mining tech, very exciting times! 👨‍🚀

Why this FPGA Miner guide?

FPGAs were not made for consumers.  Just try googling it - haha, you'll find datasheets, block diagrams, spec tables, contact sales forms, and maybe some generic images of computer chips 😵

This Mining Rig hardware is:

  • Difficult to purchase (scams, avnet, bcu, vcu, bittware, delays, ...)
  • Difficult to understand (watts, vccint, amps, cooling, ...)
  • Difficult to run (bitstreams, miners, licenses, vivado, drivers, ...)

If you're like me who came from a GPU world where amazon and google gave you all the answers, you'll face many new challenges on very expensive $5000 - $8000 pieces of equipment with FPGAs.

But don't worry.  We're here to help make that easier 👌.  All the FPGA Mining Card resources you'll need from news and developments, the latest miner programs, scam alerts, group buys, technical help, will be here.

If you haven't already, add yourself to our mailing list and share this with a fellow miner.  Plenty of room for everyone!


FPGA.guide Team