Hey guys, it's the second month of the year. We have a few updates regarding the FPGA Mining Community this month!

Whitefire's RB4 Algorithm for CVP-13 has been released

Whitefire990's announcement

If you own a CVP-13 (CVP - 13 Review here), good news for you because whitefire990 has released another bitstream this month. The RB4 bitstream, or also known as Registered user Bitstream #4, is the second private bitstream that whitefire990 released for CVP-13. If you haven't already, you will need to register your CVP-13 board by emailing Zetheron.

FPGA Board Price - CVP 13

Head straight over to our shop for the FPGA Board Price on the CVP - 13

Allmine's Upcoming Bitstreams and Efuse Services

Announcement from Senseless

Allmine will be opening efuse services for VCU, BTU, and XBB boards. This means your non-BCU board can run all-mine tools such as:

  • Hardware Management (Temperature, Power [Voltage / Amperage], Clock sources, PCI-e, Programming / Reprogramming)
  • Bitstream Management (Bitstream distribution, developer fee collection)
  • Mining Software (Bitstream management, Algo management, common communications platform for all bitstreams)

On top of that, we can expect two new bitstreams: Lyra2rev3 and PHI2 from the Allmine Team.