Hey Miners, this article is a complete review of the Blackminer F1  FPGA mining board. We will be covering their mining performance, pros and cons, review of the hardware, and the company behind this board. Let's get started!


Blackminer F1 is an FPGA board made by a company called BlackBlock under the brand HashAltcoin. This board looks and works similar to an ASIC. Blackminer F1 has two boards with six K7 chips on each.

What's the difference between the VU9P chip and the K7 chip?

K7 325T Datasheet
VU9P Datasheet
LUTs 1,182,000 203,800

Both of the chips are from Xilinx. As we can see from the tables above, VU9P has more LUTs compared to K7. So, VU9P can fit bigger algorithm into the chip. Therefore, price-wise, VU9P is more expensive than K7. With 12 K7 chips inside F1 Blackminer, F1 is still cheaper than other VU9P boards.

F1 Blackminer by HashAltcoin

Mining and Profitability

This is the official Blackminer F1 current mining performance that was released by HashAltcoin:

Average Power Consumption: 400-650 Watts

Blackminer F1 has the capacity to run at a higher speed than other VU9P boards currently in the market. We also had the chance to test the latest bitstream (Algo5) from the HashAltcoin team.

Here are the results:

ZP Algo5
Hashrate 21.15GH/s 51.7MH/s
Power 650W 640W
Temp 51oC,58oC 53oC,59oC
Profit* $1.92 No exchange

*As of March 6th 2019

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  • 💨 No Additional Cooling Needed. The Delta fan is enough to put the board below 60C.
  • 🖥 No Motherboard Needed. You just need PSU and ethernet. That's all. Really.


  • 🙉 Loud. The F1 Blackminer is using Delta fan. Average noise is 66-72dB.
  • ⚡️ High Power Consumption. High electricity rate might hurt your profit a bit since this FPGA can draw around 400-650W.
  • No SDK or community support.  F1 is a closed platform and only HashAltcoin can make bitstreams for these boards.  
FPGA Guide

Your Guide to FPGA Mining

The results of our mining performance are pretty similar to the official mining performance data from HashAltcoin.

Here are some screenshots of our test result as well.

ZP Mining Performance. Average: 21.15GH/s
ZP Performance Pool Side (5 hours). Average: 21.24GH/s
Algo5 Mining Performance. Average: 51.7MH/s
Algo5 Performance Pool Side (12 hours). Average: 56.69MH/s

Hardware Review

F1 Blackminer Specification

Chip: Kintex 7 325T chips (6 on each board, 12 in total)
Core Voltage: 1V
Max Load: up to 50A per core
Power consumption: 420-610W
Cooling: 1 Delta Fan
Power slot: Five of 6-pin Power slot

Company Background

The F1 Blackminer is made by HashAltcoin, which is owned by BlackBlock.

BlackBlock is a startup company based in China that focuses on FPGA cryptocurrency mining.

Most of their design team members have more than 10 years' experience from top electronic engineering companies such as Huawei, Sony, MTK, Qualcomm, etc.

You can find some of them on discord under these usernames: wind#7261, Nicolas#9770, dboy#8530, and Blackminer_Lili#6723. Blackminer_Lili is in charge of sales while wind, Nicolas, and dboy are the F1 Blackminer developers.

Official Website: https://hashaltcoin.com
Support: support@hashaltcoin.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/N2nsgsA
Mobile: +86 18612535678