Hello miners, it's finally the end of the month and we have some new updates for you! 📰

DigitalCruncher's ZenProtocol Bitstream up to 15GH/s

DigitalCruncher has optimized his ZenProtocol Bitstream and it now runs up to 15 GH/s (previously 12 GH/s). This is by far the most profitable public bitstream available right now. It is compatible with VU9P based boards such as VCU1525, BCU1525 and BTU9P.

Grab your license at our shop to mine ZenProtocol at full speed.

Download the bistream here.

Mineority and Squirrels Research Labs (SQRL)

On November 27 2018, GPUHoarder (SQRL) and OhGodAGirl (Mineority) announced that Mineority has stopped their operations. Mineority and Squirrels Research Labs are coming together under the SQRL brand.

OhGodAScot, OhGodALims, and OhGodAWizard will continue to help customers with great support.

OhGodAGirl will stay at Core Scientific, and will continue supporting SQRL in the background.

This means, there are a few changes:

  • If you own a hosted FPGA, SQRL will be handling and managing your boards.
  • If you own a hosted GPU, your original ETH will be refunded.
  • Orders made on the Mineority Store have safely moved to the Official SQRL Store.

ZenProtocol Bitstream for Acorn 215+

GPUHoarder released an Alpha version of his ZenProtocol Bitstream for Acorn 215+. It is NOT an official miner from SQRL. This bitstream uses one core only, so the peak speed right now is about 330 Mhz.

Check out the bitstream here.

Happy mining folks!


FPGA.guide Team

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