Hey everyone, here is what's going on in the FPGA community nowadays.

Happy Holidays ğŸŽ„

Dimastech releases a separate Water Block for the BCU-1525

Dimastech has announced the delay on their Dimastech® XMV-Cool Water Block shipments. Initially planned to be shipped out on the 1st or 2nd week of December, they are currently postponed to the 3rd or 4th week of December.

Check out Dimastech's official announcement below:

Official Dimastech Statement on Discord

The main reason for the delay is because the Dimastech® XMV-Cool Water Block was initially thought to be compatible with both the VCU-1525 and BCU-1525 FPGA Boards. However, after further testing and research, Dimastech® decided to release two versions of the Water Blocks. One for VCU-1525 and another for BCU-1525.

The difference between these two blocks is the thermal pads thickness. The VCU-1525 and the BCU-1525 Water Blocks are done and open for Pre-Order. Expected delivery date is 3rd/4th week of December.

You can purchase The Dimastech® XMV-Cool Waterblock for VCU-1525 and BCU-1525 at our shop.

Zcoin(XZC) Hard Fork switches algorithm from Lyra2z to MTP

Starting from December 10th 2018, Zcoin has transitioned from the Lyra2z algorithm to the MTP (Merkle Tree Proof) algorithm.

This Hard Fork brings in 2 new changes to the Zcoin protocol:

  1. Change of algorithm to MTP
  2. Change in block time. From 10 minute block times to 5 minutes.

Why did Zcoin Hard Fork to MTP?

Cryptocurrency mining is largely dominated by few players and mining centralization has become a biggest issue in blockchain space. ASIC miners reap the rewards and due to this regular miners with general purpose hardware like GPUs and CPUs were not able to participate in mining. Most popular Proof of Work algorithms such as SHA-256 (Bitcoin), Scrypt (Litecoin), X11 (Dash) are affected by ASIC miners. This not only have pushed casual miners out of the game but the control of significant amount of hashrate have also caused security threats to number of coins.

What happens next?

This is a little bummer to BCU owners since Lyra2z is currently the only algorithm available in Allmine's Shell and Zcoin was the most profitable coin that could be mined with it.

Fingers crossed that Allmine will release a new bitstream soon ğŸ¤ž

SQRL's Acorn 215+ Miner Stable Version 12c released

GPUHoarder has released a stable and safe version of the Acorn 215+ Miner. Version 12c resolved the "JobID Not Found" error found in previous versions.

Check out the new version here.