How to maximize your mining profit with your FPGAs? How to find the best coin to mine?

Cryptocurrency Bull Run🐮

Good news! Bitcoin ended its bear run in Q1 2019 and staggered the market with its significant comeback with a bull run in the closing of Q2. The price soars above $13,000 — rising 300% since January 2019!

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What is the Best Coin to Mine using FPGAs?🥇

Fortunately, the bull market gives fresh air not only for big coins like Bitcoin but also for other minor cryptocurrencies aka altcoins. The bull market brings good news for FPGA miners since FPGAs target altcoins.

In our previous article, we mentioned FPGA’s position alongside GPU and ASIC. FPGAs shouldn’t mine any coins that are already saturated by ASICs, for example, Bitcoin.

However, FPGAs have two significant advantages; they are flexible and more power efficient compared to GPUs.

Being “flexible” means that FPGA can switch algorithms like GPU — this presents less risk for FPGA owners. Being “more power efficient” than GPU means that FPGA can compute faster than GPU with the same amount of power consumed — better power efficiency or higher hashes per second.

Comparison between GPU and FPGA

It’s been more than a year since the FPGA mining community started building bitstreams (digital circuit design).

Today, there are more than 20 algorithms available for various FPGA boards. — July 10, 2019

However, there are a lot of different FPGA types and models, and one bitstream is usually only compatible with one type of FPGA chip. For example, bitstreams for the VU9P chip are compatible with these boards; VCU1525, BCU1525, BTU9P, ECU200, and TPS1525 because they all use the same VU9P Chip. On the other hand, bitstreams for Blackminer products are only compatible with boards using the K7 chip such as F1, F1+, and F1 mini.

So, what is the best coin to mine with my FPGA?

Unfortunately, there is no absolute answer to this question! FPGA is meant to be flexible. You can mine the project you trust, or you can mine the most profitable coin of the day. Before you can do that, you will need to know the available bitstreams, and which coins you can mine with your FPGA board. All of this information can be found on has created a tool calculating the return on investment for various FPGA boards.

You can find out important information about your FPGA’s profitability such as which coin is the most profitable to mine with at the moment, how much it earns per day, and how long the ROI time would be.

FPGA Top ROI Calculator

FPGA Mining Profitability Calculator has meticulously calculated the best hardware and coin to mine is. Hopefully, this feature will be helpful for miners to make a decision based on their respective budget and circumstance.

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