Hey Miners👷🏻‍♂️ ⛏ We are going to talk about a popular coin that can be mined with FPGA. This article includes the resources you need to start mining this coin. Let's check it out!


The VeriBlock Blockchain is a concrete implementation of PoP(Proof-of-Proof), which extends Bitcoin's security to other blockchains in the most secure, economical, and easy-to-implement manner possible, further developing upon the DTTP(Decentralized, Trustless, Transparent, Permissionless) ethos of PoP. It acts as a fully DTTP security adapter/aggregation layer between other blockchains and Bitcoin.

Every time a new blockchain joins the VeriBlock ecosystem or an existing one increases in value, all other blockchains in the VeriBlock ecosystem benefit by enjoying the additional security and decentralization that results from VeriBlock's increased network effect.

Proof of Proof

PoP mining enables blockchains to inherit and leverage the Proof of Work from a superior blockchain such as Bitcoin. As a result, the reinforced security provided by PoP will encourage further adoption of these alternative blockchains.

The transition of transactions from Bitcoin to alternative blockchains will also facilitate Bitcoin scaling while continuing to drive value back to Bitcoin miners.

Veriblock Blockchain

The VeriBlock blockchain enables rapid, widespread, and secure adoption of PoP security for other blockchains. This enables:

  • double-spend attack prevention
  • protection against sustained 51% attacks
  • early attack detection.

Veriblock Team

Veriblock Core Team

Launched the main net on March 25th, 2019. Currently, the available bitstreams are made by Whitefire🔥 and HashAltcoin◼️. You can mine Veriblock with VU9P boards and F1/F1+ Blackminer.

Hashrate & Profitability

FPGA Board Hashrate Revenue*
F1 Blackminer 11.5 GH/s $9-$11/day
F1+ Blackminer 18 GH/s $14-$18/day
VU9P (V/BCU1525, BTU9P) 9 GH/s $4-$8/day
* as per April 10, 2019

FPGA Guide

Your Guide to FPGA Mining

Getting Ready to Mine

Wallet Setup

  1. Download nodecore release 👉here.
  2. Go to nodecore-0.4.1/bin/. Run nodecore.bat for Windows📺 or ./nodecore for Linux🐧/Mac🍎.
  3. Let the blockchain sync first until the current height.
  4. Go to nodecore-cli-0.4.1/bin/. Run nodecore-cli.bat for Windows📺 or ./nodecore-cli for Linux🐧/Mac🍎.
  5. Connect the nodecore-cli to nodecore by typing connect
  6. It's best to type help and learn all the option available.
  7. To create a new wallet, type getnewaddress. And you'll get your wallet's public key.
  8. To backup your wallet, type backupwallet [location]. Insert location where do you want to put your wallet_backup.dat.
  9. Done.


You have to ask the developer for their Veriblock bitstream. Except for Allmine Minerator.

FPGA Board Developer Hashrate
VU9P Whitefire🔥 9 GH/s
BCU 1525 Allmine⛏ 5.4 GH/s
F1/F1+ HashAltcoin◼️ 11.5 GH/s & 18 GH/s