FPGA Mining Card - Cooling System

Hey Miners! Please read this before buying/installing your FPGA water cooling system. You don't want to run into the same problem we did!

We have installed water cooling system on our boards twice. First time works just fine, the second time - not so much: our water cooling system got clogged.

The clog looked like this:

The clog was blocking the water-coolant flow.
We can see the clog clearly after removing our board from the water cooling system.
The sediments on the heatsink don't look nice.

In our second attempt to install the water block, we decided to use this colored coolant called Thermaltake C1000 Opaque Coolant. A few hours after installing, we noticed clogging in the water block and along the hose. Looking into it, we concluded that this colored coolant built sediments and slowed the water flow.

Do NOT buy colored coolants!

Do not buy these coolants!
Sediments at the bottom...
...And sediments at the top.

In our first attempt of water cooling our boards, we used this clear coolant from Thermaltake which worked perfectly for months. We recommend buying this one!

Buy this one instead! 

A few Discord users also suggest buying clear coolants over colored coolants.

Another thing that you should consider!

This is not the only problem you could face while installing water cooling system on your FPGA Mining cards. You also have to consider your coolant material and hardware materials (pump, radiator, waterblock) because you want to avoid Galvanic Corrosion from occurring.

TUL's waterblock is made of copper and anodized aluminum. Theoretically, anodized aluminum will prevent the reaction between itself and copper. So, it should be okay.

If you are using TUL's waterblock it's not recommended to use fittings/radiator made of aluminum. Because the copper in TUL's waterblock will react with your aluminum radiator/fittings (read here), using low conductivity coolant will prevent/slow the corrosion process. But the corrosion may happen slowly in the long run.

Aluminum and copper will trigger the galvanic corrosion process
Aluminum based radiator can work with glycol based coolant/low conductivity coolant
But always remember nothing lasts forever....


FPGA Mining Board - Coolants

Please do not use colored coolants. Instead, use clear coolants. You don't want your $4,000 device to have a clogging problem.

Also, please consider your radiator and coolant materials to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Happy mining folks!


FPGA.guide Team

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