Hey Miners! We're excited to announce the latest FPGA mining board by HashAltcoin, the Blackminer F1 Mini+!


Just a few weeks ago, HashAltcoin launched a new FPGA mining board called Blackminer F1 Mini+. Previously, their successful Blackminer F1 Mini became one of the best sellers for those who want to try FPGA mining. Now, they launched another low priced FPGA mining board priced at $189. This board's hashrate are claimed to be around 1.5 times more than the hashrate of F1 Mini, plus it also comes with a cooler. Based on these facts, is F1 Mini+ a better deal than F1 Mini?

Blackminer F1 Mini+

Mining and Profitability

As of November 8th 2019, Blackminer F1 Mini+ only supports three algorithms. Here are the available algorithms for F1 Mini+ from HashAltcoin:

Algorithm Coins Hashrate Power
Verus2 VRSC 37 MH/s 110-120 W
Vblake VBK 1.38 GH/s 110-120 W
odocrypt DGB 520 MH/s 110-120 W

Cheers to HashAltcoin for sending us a unit to test. Without further ado, here's our test result:

Veriblock Digibyte (odo) Verus
Frequency 464 MHz 530 MHz 514 MHz
Hashrate 1.37 GH/s 520 MH/s 34 MH/s
Power* 65 W 101 W 30 W
Temperature 44oC 48oC 37oC
Revenue $0.82/day** $0.43/day** $0.44/day**

* Power on the wall (minus PSU's idle state power)
** Data per Nov 7, 2019

Not only is the hashrate very close to the advertised number; even the power consumption is lower than expected!

That means more profit compared to F1 Mini because the electricity cost is lower than expected (expected: 110-120W).

If you are interested, you can read more details on our test results here.

The mining process is extremely user friendly – Β easily plug and play. However, for odocrypt, currently, it only supports the default mining pool URL.


  • πŸ“ˆ Higher Hashrate Compared to F1 Mini. This means F1 Mini+ can generate more coins.
  • πŸ€‘ Cheap. Priced at $189/unit (includes heatsink and fan!). It's one of the most affordable FPGA in the market. Low entrance price to FPGA mining.
  • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Team of Bitstream Developers. They have their team of developers continually looking for coins worth mining. Currently, HashAltCoin has the most public bitstreams available, over any other board.
  • βœ… Easy to Use. You only need a PSU and an ethernet cable. Just access your F1 Mini+ IP address and set it all up from there.
  • ⚑️ Low Power Consumption. It only draws 120 Watts max.
  • πŸ‘‚πŸ» Meant for Silent Operation. The heatsink and fan cool down the chip in silence.


  • 3️⃣ Fewer Algorithm Options. Currently, F1 Mini+ only has three available bitstreams.
  • β›” No SDK or community support. Β F1 Mini+ is a closed platform, and only HashAltcoin can make bitstreams for these boards.

Hardware Review

Blackminer F1 Mini+ Specification

Chip: K7 420T Xilinx Chip
Power consumption: 110-120W
Cooling: Air cooling (heatsink & fan included)
Power slot: 6-pin Power slot
Dimension: 17cm x 16cm x 11cm
Weight: 271 gram

FPGA Guide

Your Guide to FPGA Mining


Here's the comparison between F1 Mini and F1 Mini+ to help you decide which one you should get:

Parameter F1 Mini F1 Mini+
Hashrate 1x 1.3-1.5x
Power Consumption 20-50W 30-110W
# of Algorithms 28 3
Cooler Not included Included
Price $179 $189

Test Result Screenshots

F1 Mini+ Mining Veriblock - Miner side (1.37GH/s)
F1 Mini+ Mining Veriblock - Pool side (12 hours)
F1 Mini+ Mining Digibyte Odocrypt - Miner side (1.5 hours)
F1 Mini+ Mining Verus - Miner side (30.6MH/s)
F1 Mini+ Mining Verus - Pool side (12 hours)