Hi Miners! This is the complete guide to mine with the Blackminer F1 by HashAltcoin. It's very easy to use. Let's get into it!

Hardware Setup

  1. Plug the PCI power into the two boards and the controller board.
  2. Plug the ethernet cable.
  3. Turn on your PSU.
  4. You should see the green LED next to the ethernet slot blinking.

Miner Setup

  1. Find out your Blackminer F1 IP address. This can be done in various methods. One method is: You can use your router's web interface (learn more).
  2. Open browser and input your Blackminer F1 IP in the address bar. Login into your F1 Blackminer.

username: root
password: root

  1. Config your miner by clicking the Miner Configuration.
  2. Choose your algorithm in the dropdown menu and input your desired pool, wallet, and password. Once you're done. Click save & apply.
  3. To monitor your Blackminer F1, go to Miner Status. You can see the temperature, hashrate, fan speed, etc.
  4. That's it. Very simple.

Additional Settings

Adding New Bitstreams and Upgrading Firmware

  1. Download the bitstream from HashAltcoin website.
  2. Download and install WinSCP.
  3. Log into the miner via WinSCP with your F1's IP address, port 22, SCP protocol
  4. Go up 2 folders and go into the bitstream folder (fpgabit).
  5. Each algorithm has two files, config and the bitstream. Remove both the config file and the bitstream file that you don't need. Replace it with the one you want to add.
  6. Download firmware upgrade file from HashAltcoin's website, it'll be the ...rootfs file.
  7. Upgrade firmware with this file.
  8. After reboot, you should see your algorithm in the dropdown menu.

Configure Static IP

  1. Go to Network/Settings
  2. To use static IP, change the protocol into static.
  3. Fill in the network details. Then click Save & Apply.

Adjust Frequency

  1. Go to Miner Configuration/Advanced Settings
  2. There are two options there, change all of the chips' frequency at once or one by one.
  3. Click save & apply.

Upgrade Image

  1. Go to System/Upgrade
  2. Choose Image by clicking that button. Then click flash image.
  3. Wait until the miner reboot.

That's it! Simple guide for mining with Blackminer F1. Hope this guide helps!


FPGA.guide Team