FPGA Mining Rig: BCU - 1525

Good news! SQRL has announced that the highly anticipated BCU-1525 will start shipping soon.

GPUHoarder's message on Sept 24

SQRL has begun to receive shipments of the pre-production BCU-1525 from Xilinx. These units will need modifications, validation and testing before they can be shipped out.

Here are some pictures of the BCU-1525s at SQRL:

As of right now, the estimated timeline for the BCUs to be shipped/hosted is by the end of October. Let's hope Christmas comes early this year :)

GPUHoarder's message on Sept 25

UPDATE Sept 29

Update on Sept 29 by senseless

According to senseless, the BCU - 1525 units are in schedule for delivery but their active upgrades and water blocks are delayed. This means that customers that ordered their BCUs with installed upgrades will need to either wait for the upgrades to come in, or get their BCUs shipped without the upgrades.

The ETA for these upgrades to come in their warehouse is Oct 29th, but we still need to give them a buffer time and consider that there might be unforeseen causes of delays.


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