We are back with a news update for the month of April 👋 There are some exciting releases that you definitely do not want to miss out on!

⏭NextJTAG v2.2 Released

turekaj's Announcement

NextDesignSolutions has released the newest version of NextJTAG. New features included in this version:

  • Added support for loading partial bitstreams (required for running DedMaroz's bitstreams)
  • Optimizations to reduce bitstream load time
  • Reduced unnecessary delays in the code
  • Increased JTAG clock frequency to 30 MHz for most FPGAs
  • Added flag to disable BMC version check (v2.2.1)

Get your license 👉 here.

🔥Whitefire990 releases New Veriblock 9GH/s Bitstream

whitefire990's announcement

A new Veriblock 9GH/s bitstream has been released to registered users in the Zetheron discord chat. This bitstream was previously known as the RB4 bitstream.

Whitefire990 strongly recommends using NextJTAG 2.2.0 or higher to load all 16 bitstreams simultaneously or else it will be slow and painful to load them in Vivado.

If you haven't already, you will need to register your board by emailing Zetheron directly 📨

🎅🏼Dedmaroz releases new Amoveo 24GH/s Miner

dedmaroz's announcement

Over the weekend, Dedmaroz released a new version of his Amoveo miner with increased hashrate of 24GH/s. It is compatible with VCU1525, BCU1525, BTU9P and ECU200.

You can download 👉here.

New Tribus Miner by OhGodABird🐦 for Acorns

OhGodABird recently released a new Tribus Miner for Acorn CLE-215 and Acorn CLE-215+. This miner runs on Windows and Linux.

Check out the miner 👉here.